do you remember this?

Santiago Rivera
3 min readSep 2, 2020

I was seeing these pictures of me when I was like 1 or 2 years old. I was in this little white house made out of wood that had a little red roof. It looks like I had just woken up: I’ve had my boxers, a red shirt that I’ve probably slept with, and, of course, I was barefoot. I was eating this frozen-lime popsicle made out of some type of natural fruit I can’t remember. Probably lime.

I thought it was so funny because I had my eyebrows furrowed and I was staring into space, as if I was trying to figure each ingredient that popsicle was made of, when it was just ice with fruit. That’s probably the only thing I did that day.

I was just thinking about how peaceful that picture made me feel.

Often I find myself at dinner, but in my head I am somewhere else, thinking about some work I need to do or I should do. I am there but I am not. Looking at imperfections and waiting for the future to come.

When did I lose this ability to stay in the present? It seems now that quality time with people have become distractions from something more important to come. Have you ever thought that everything you are currently doing is not worth all the effort? That you are basing your actions just because; you feel you are expected to do them? Like it’s just automatic, and we unsignificantly rush through the present awaiting for a better future to arrive; without stopping and appreciating that this moment is unique. It can really give you the anxiety to think that everything you do, might not matter if you are not happy.

Sometimes, I catch myself thinking about this stuff, then I try to think about something else. That’s the reason that picture made me feel so peaceful, it feels like a part of me is still completely wrapped in the tasting of that popsicle.

If I can relieve some pressure on you; I don’t think this was entirely our fault. Us ¨Gen Z¨ or the becoming youth, have grown up in a place where everything around is made to be instant, ( I probably sound like a parent) but we really haven’t had the same struggle as the previous generations. Now we have so much resources available to us that it really can be overwhelming to adapt to this quick consumer centered society.

It’s interesting how we label ourselves as ¨over-thinker,¨ or people that we have ¨ too much to preoccupy about¨ but among all that ¨thinking¨ we don’t usually reflect upon the meaning or relevance of what we are stressing about.

I know we can’t just call quits on everything that is going on in our life that worries us, but we can try and choose the things that we should really worry about. Like if we are finding some out of the everyday basis. Or maybe worry about enjoying the moments with people that will never come back. You know, worry about the really, really important stuff.

For example: the ingredients of a frozen-lime popsicle.